Raymond Weinstein, A Jewish Compadre of Bobby Fischer Speaks! (1962)

In contrast to the accounts of Ralph Ginzburg, Donner and Bisguier, Raymond Weinstein had this to say in 1962:

The Boston Globe Boston, Massachusetts Sunday, March 04, 1962 - Page 39 ()

Raymond Weinstein was featured performer of the day. He played 34 games simultaneously, winning 27, losing 2 and drawing 5. William Robertie Jr. Arlington, and Robert McCormack, Boston, were the winners. Eleanor Terry, David Scheffer, Stephen Brandwein, Algis Makaitis, and E.M. Reubens, drew their games with the visiting master.
Weinstein was asked why he rejected the chance to play in the interzonal tournament in Stockholm, and said he simply felt he couldn't spend the time right now. He pointed out that William Lombardy, another qualifier, had rejected a place at Stockholm to return to his seminary studies.
George Nute asked the master if he knew of any chessmaster who would give a simultaneous exhibition playing the Black pieces. Weinstein said he knew at least one—himself. United States whiz kid Bobby Fischer, has a reputation earned or unearned, as being difficult to get along with. Traditionally all visiting chess notables are asked how they fare with our enfant terrible. Weinstein said he gets along well with Bobby. He said, “All you do is admit he's the best—which he is.” Weinstein flatly predicts the world title for Fischer.
Our visitor of last week, although ranked fifth in the country, is not well known in this area. Perhaps this is because he has not competed in many blue ribbon international events. But he is a solid chess player of great worth. Here is how he defeated William Lombardy, an international grandmaster in the 1960-61 national title tournament.

Raymond Weinstein's Opinion on Bobby Fischer

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Hi there, Just wanna say I'm a chess player and I look up to Bobby Fischer above any other chess player. He was the best and I've even memorised some of his famous games, including the 1972 World Championship match when he defeated Boris Spassky… Fischer also supported Palestine and always spoke out against injustice. He was a good man and I do miss him…”
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